Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX)

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in stocks in the green economy.

A Little-Known Green Fund Soared 114% in 2020. We Caught Up With Its Manager.

Thanks to its investments in disruptive technologies, the little-known Shelton Green Alpha Fund (ticker: NEXTX) soared 114% in 2020, winning a coveted five-star Morningstar rating. The fund’s manager, Garvin Jabusch, has done this with a buy-and-hold strategy (turnover is just 24%) in winners like Moderna, Tesla, and Vestas Wind Systems.

Jabusch, 54, originally trained as a biological anthropologist, before working at Morgan Stanley in its strategy division evaluating acquisitions, which gave him a good grounding in private…

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Overall Morningstar RatingTM

morning star rating sm  NEXTX

NEXTX received an Overall Morningstar Rating of 5 stars among 560 Mid-Cap Growth funds, based on risk-adjusted returns, as of 3/31/2021. Important Information for Morningstar® Rating

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Invest Now In A Sustainable Future

Strategy Highlights

  • Identifies green economy companies that have above-average growth potential 
  • Invests in companies that work to improve human well-being and increase economic efficiencies, while significantly reducing environmental risks
  • Seeks companies which provide products and services that help economies adapt to, solve or mitigate the effects of key environmental and economic systemic risks

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Invest Now In A Sustainable Future

Fund at a Glance

The Fund invests primarily in common stocks of companies that Green Alpha Advisors (the “Sub-Advisor”) believes are leaders in managing environmental risks and opportunities, have above average growth potential and are reasonably valued. Under normal market conditions, at least 80% of the Fund’s total assets (which includes the amount of any borrowings for investment purposes) will be invested in U.S. common stocks and American Depository Receipts (“ADRs”). The Fund may invest in companies of all sizes and seeks diversification by economic sector.

Fund Objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in stocks in the green economy.

Fund Management

Important Information

 It is possible to lose money by investing in a fund. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Any projections or other forward looking statements regarding future events or performance of markets, companies, or otherwise are not necessarily indicative or differ from, actual events or results. 

Fund information is not intended to represent future portfolio composition. Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered a recommendation to buy individual securities.
Shelton Green Alpha Fund’s environmental focus may limit investment options available to the Fund and may result in lower returns than returns of funds not subject to such investment considerations. There are no assurances that the Fund will achieve its objective and or strategy. Investing in securities of small and medium-sized companies, even indirectly, may involve greater volatility than an investment in larger and more established companies.

Short-term performance may reflect conditions that are unsustainable and thus may not be repeated in the future. 

Investors should consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the fund. To obtain a prospectus, visit or call (800) 955-9988. A prospectus should be read carefully before investing. The Shelton Green Alpha Fund is distributed by RFS Partners, a member of FINRA and affiliate of Shelton Capital Management. Green Alpha Advisors is not affiliated with either RFS Partners or Shelton Capital Management.